Square One


“Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world”

Energy is never created or destroyed, it’s simply recycled. If there is one thing I believe in more than anything, it’s that you get back what you put out to the universe. If you wake up every morning with a smile on your face and the intent of having a wonderful day, you damn well are going to have a wonderful day. I think that we often get stuck in the “can’t, won’t, and wouldn’t” state of mind, and this is something we simply must shake off. If you can dream of doing something, you can do it! If you’ve seen someone accomplish something and thought to yourself “I wish I would do that”, you certainly can! All you need is to believe in yourself; have confidence in your ability to succeed and I promise you will. Even if at first you take small steps towards making your dream a reality, a small step is better than no steps at all. Collect your ideas, start to paint a picture of what it is you truly want, and look for the opportunity around you; it’s there.



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